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Entry #8

Not much of a story, but here's some news.

2011-11-05 17:03:05 by GiantPenisMan

So my mom just sent me a bunch of stuff in the mail for my birthday yesterday. When at first I saw the package, I thought about waiting until the 7th to open it, I decided it didn't really matter either way.
It seems like my mom went to the store with a couple things in mind for me and just decided to go crazy and buy me anything I might like.
But anyways, among the things I got I got a couple packs of colored markers and pencils, which are really cool, I plan on using them sometime soon. I tried out the watercolor markers she sent me, and they seemed to work really nicely too.
She also sent me a bunch of tights, some of which I like, and others not so much, but one pair has a really nice warm grey argyle pattern that I will probably use sometime, even though I don't really like solid tights very much.
The other stuff were also fun, some glow sticks, fake mustaches, a light up pig(?), a stuffy shaped as a rat, a fox tail on a little chain(?), a green rubber watch with peace signs on the inside, and a pair of red converse, to name a few. I think she just wasn't sure what I wanted, lol.

I also got some zines I ordered from Etsy a couple days ago. I was pretty psyched about that.

Anyways, I'm not completely dead on here, I have decided to continue use on the forums just because I miss them so much. :o
Really though, the forums here have such a nice community of people, haha, I'd actually rather use the forums than watch flashes on here now...


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